Adventures in Cuba

Cuba is an seldom visited country for many people, especially Americans, and its boisterous spirit soars them above the nation’s troubles. I couldn’t go anywhere in Havana without being bathed in music on the streets. People sing, play instruments and dance as a way of life. Music gets them through everything. These four people images are as widely varied as the people themselves.


3 church ladies copy JPG copy

Women gather daily around the church to gossip, knit, sell produce or just chat.



Man balcony Havana copy

With work scarce this man spends his days watching the passing parade in Havana







Red ass Havana copy copy copy

The Tropicana opened in 1939 and was one of the most famous nightclubs in the world because international stars played there until Castro’s takeover in 1951. The show now is a glitzy show of Cuba’s beauties.


Wedding 2 Havana copy 2 copy

A fortress is not the usual venue for a wedding but this bride chose it as hers

Chile – Torres del Paine

“In southern Chile I photographed  these Cuevas del Miladon (Caves of the Miladon). They are named Miladon because in 1895 when they discovered the caves they found the remains of some Miladons, prehistoric giant sloths which were larger than bears. They became extinct 13,000 years ago. Human remains there date to 6000 B.C.  It reminds us of how minuscule we are in nature.”

IMG_0495 (2) copy

IMG_0497 copy

IMG_0504 copy

Greenland: A Land of Floating Sculptures

Greenland-Penile iceberg 1-4-0-1A-01-73-01 copy copy

On an amazing sailing from Nunavut, Canada to Greenland, in the Greenland fjords we sailed past endless numbers of icebergs that resembled floating sculptures. As we moved past them the shapes changed as we saw them from various perspectives and the sunlight altered the light and shadows on them. It was the true meaning of the word ‘awesome’.

Greenland-Captain on bridge 1-4-10A-01-43-01 (Akedemik Ioffe) copy copy

See the tiny figure of the captain on the ship’s bridge to the right? I captured this image just before sunset at about 10:30 PM. near the town of Ilitek.

Greenland-Clouds 1-4-10A-01-21-01 (Dreamscape icebergs) copy copy

I call this image a dreamscape as it is surreal in the symetry of the curving lines as though it was sculpted. It was sculpted — by the best artist of all — nature.