Caribbean Corals

Lace fan coral copy

“The place to find underwater Lace Fan Corals is in Little Cayman, an island in the Caribbean. They undulate with the current which makes them look like a moving lace fan.”

Pink sponge rs

“This dazzling swirl of color was photographed 85 feet underwater on the island of St. Lucia in the Caribbean. A rainbow bouquet of sponges and corals.”

Prayer Flags


“Buddhist prayer flags are sometimes striking and beautiful. Each color has separate significance. These decorate a temple in Kathmandu, Nepal.”


“The high winds in the Tibetan Himalayas create this color splash against the sky.”



“These white prayer flags pierce the sky in Ura, Bhutan”

“The Power” – Isla Mujeres, Mexico

04contrastcopy1 copy

“The Power” because of its powerful impact on the viewer. This was one of those shots of a lifetime on Isla Mujeres, Mexico. Walking back to my hotel at 11:30 AM I glanced left and saw this wooden dock making it vanishing point into the Caribbean. That impact and the jaw-dropping formation of clouds above it and the slivers of light playing on the aqua water in the distance against the dark water created by the clouds produced this image. I caught a rare, fleeting moment in nature and was able to capture it. This is why photographers do what they do.”

Monterey Bay Jelly

“Photographing these Monterey Bay jellyfish was a pleasure because no matter how they moved and undulated they always made a perfect visual composition. It’s like photographing Marilyn Monroe who had an ongoing love affair with the camera.”

IMG_0115 copy

IMG_0128 copy

IMG_0136 copy

IMG_0154 copy

My Near Death Experience With A Witchdoctor

Chic iii copy

I crept up on this woman in a graveyard to photograph her performing a chicken sacrifice. I intentionally stomped my foot when I shot it to create a blurred image. She heard my stomp, whirled around, saw me, ran inside and came back with a .45 which was meant for me. I quickly ducked behind some mausoleums and we began a Pink Panther-like chase through the graveyard. She got tired and I got saved. Moral: Don’t stop your foot while photographing a chicken sacrifice in Chichicastenango, Guatemala.

Mausoleumsi copy

The wealthy are entombed in mausoleums, many very opulent with themes such as: A Roman columned building, a Chinese pagoda etc, and some have formal places to sit while visiting entombed relatives.

JA copy

The poor are buried above ground in a mound covered over by cement and painted pastel colors: green, pale blue, pink and yellow. The effect is like seeing a bunch of giant Jordan Almonds thrown at random into a graveyard. Bizarre.