In northern Chile the Atacama Dessert provides three unique surprises: dramatic volcanoes, a desert floor composed solely of salt and the kind of light that is a photographer’s dream. I captured these views at various times of the day.

IMG_0040 copy

IMG_0083 copy

IMG_0096 copy

IMG_0087 copy

IMG_0106 copy copy


  1. these images of Chile bring back memories -1999 – after a Symposium in Santiago …. friend and I had booked flights from Santiago to Iqueque then bussed into San Pedro – did the usual tourist trips – then to Punta Arenas -Puerto Natales – Torres del Paine and Puerto Mont/ Puerto Varas / Temuco/ we just opened the Lonely Planet as we neared a destination – picked from the second cheapest places – and had a ball – and no problems – we were 60 years old…..

  2. the symposium was INTERNATIONAL SHIBORI SYMPOSIUM – timed to co-incide with and exhibition of Pre columbian Textiles at the Museum in Santiago – a book to read is :TO WEAVE FOR THE SUN – Stone Miller – Thames and Hudson. many of the textiles were patterned with ‘Amarras’ and research was done in the USA before the Symposium into scaffold weave – successfully – the Indians used tie dye techniques to record all sorts of things. at the moment i’m watching the Dakar rally – updates – and following it on Google Earth.

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