Adventures In The Botswana Safari

On my first night ever on safari in Botswana, we went to search for big game night animals, and the jeep stopped under a tree. A guide with a searchlight slowly raised the light from the tree trunk up to the first crook in the tree and peering out a us was this sweet baby leopard. I shot like crazy.

Baby L A copy

He then raised the light beam to the branch ten feet directly above us. Sleeping there was the momma leopard. WOW! I shot again like a madman.  The driver’s hushed voice said to me “You shoot, you shoot fast, boss!” I sure did and we slowly backed away from the tree.

Mama Leopard copy copyThe light then beamed some twenty feet away to a partially devoured impala. The driver then explained to me that momma and baby had just dined on the impala and momma was napping, with a full belly. Had she not just eaten we would have been in big trouble with momma, being so close to her baby! Not a bad adventure for the first time out ever, huh?

Lions Eating Zebra

This is a once in a lifetime image. It was taken standing in a jeep about twelve feet away from the lionesses. They were busy feasting which was happily more interesting to them than charging me. When one of them suddenly glanced up and looked right into the lens with the glare that jolted me almost out of my boots I shot the image. Of three rolls of film of them this was the most dramatic image of the event