Torres del Paine National Park

It’s no surprise that Torres del Paine National Park in southern Chile was recently voted The Eighth Wonder Of The World. It’s the most unspoiled park I have ever enoucntered in the 108 countries I’ve visited. Yosemite National Park in the US has an average of four millions visitors a year. Torres has 150,000. You feel like you’re breathing for the first time.

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Chile – Torres del Paine

“In southern Chile I photographed  these Cuevas del Miladon (Caves of the Miladon). They are named Miladon because in 1895 when they discovered the caves they found the remains of some Miladons, prehistoric giant sloths which were larger than bears. They became extinct 13,000 years ago. Human remains there date to 6000 B.C.  It reminds us of how minuscule we are in nature.”

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