Curacao Aerial

Flying between Bonaire and Curacao in the Caribbean revealed this aerial view that was like an abstract painting. The dark area on the right is the shoreline. The light wavy lines are sand formations close to the water’s surface. The white formations right and upper right were the clouds below us. Nature creates pure art.

Curacao Aerial

Curacao Aerial

Curve of Nevis

Curve, Nevis

You could wake up to uglier views. I woke up and stepped out on the patio of my hotel room on the island of Nevis in the Caribbean.I don’t have a very rich fantasy life. My real life is far more fantastic that anything I could imagine.

Caribbean Corals

Lace fan coral copy

“The place to find underwater Lace Fan Corals is in Little Cayman, an island in the Caribbean. They undulate with the current which makes them look like a moving lace fan.”

Pink sponge rs

“This dazzling swirl of color was photographed 85 feet underwater on the island of St. Lucia in the Caribbean. A rainbow bouquet of sponges and corals.”