One of the most exotic locations on the planet. It conjures up 50 degrees below zero winters. I crossed from Beijing to Moscow on the Trans-Siberian Orient Express and arrived in Siberia in August. This image of a farm there has stuck in my head because it looked the opposite of what I’ve heard all my life about its weather.

Siberian farm copy

This farmer’s face will tell you a lot about his life.

Farmer I copy

A folk singer entertaining the train passengers.

Folk Singer copy

 Farm people depend on a growing season that is less than 90 days for winter food.

Woman on porch copy

Women white hat copy


Lake Baikal is the deepest lake in the world. In winter, eighteen-wheeler trucks cross the lake with full loads with no danger of falling through the ice. Here it is on a peaceful summer afternoon.

Lake Baikal copy

On the 3614 mile journey, Siberia was the destination that left me with the indelible impression of the spirit of the people and how hard but pure life can be.